The Tulip apartment on the ground floor of the Guesthouse opens its doors to offer you a comfortable and discreet stay...
...In a place where the simplicity of the decor is combined with the care and dedication of the hostess...
...with comfort and functionality

The Tulip apartment offers:

A fully equipped bathroom

Television & DVD player

A fully equipped kitchen

Popular books and magazines

A refrigerator

A hairdryer

Heating & A/C

Tea and Coffee

















The Matsa Studio Apartments accommodate 4 furnished flats, each one unique, where you can enjoy family warmth and attentive hospitality in exclusively refurbished surroundings that provide both aesthetics and functionality








Traditional Matsa Studio Apartments
Ioannina: Longitude 20°49 '1" - Latitude 39°42 '0" Elevation 483m
Greece  -  Epirus - Ioannina - Historic center of Ioannina
Tel.: +30 26510 22431, +30 6934 891752, +30 6936 440689
Fax:  +30 26510 27008

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