Enjoy the sun's wakening soft touch coming through the window in the morning, at the same time illuminating the stony interior decor of the apartment
Feel the serenity and comfort provided of the Helios apartment and regain some of that lost energy
The name, which comes from the greek word for 'sun' ,  precisely defines this comfortable and sunny apartment,  with its wooden roof. The Helios apartment can accommodate up to 4 guests
An idyllic getaway resort, which provides a unique starting point for all your excursions to Epirus

The Helios apartment offers:

A fully equipped bathroom

Television & DVD player

A fully equipped kitchen

Popular books and magazines

A refrigerator

A hairdryer

Heating & A/C

Tea and Coffee

















The Matsa Studio Apartments accommodate 4 furnished flats, each one unique, where you can enjoy family warmth and attentive hospitality in exclusively refurbished surroundings that provide both aesthetics and functionality








Traditional Matsa Studio Apartments
Ioannina: Longitude 20°49 '1" - Latitude 39°42 '0" Elevation 483m
Greece  -  Epirus - Ioannina - Historic center of Ioannina
Tel.: +30 26510 22431, +30 6934 891752, +30 6936 440689
Fax:  +30 26510 27008
E-mail: info@xenonas-matsa.gr

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