For businessmen who seek a pleasant and convenient stay in the city of Ioannina...

...the Traditional "Matsa " Guesthouse is an excellent choice.


Convention Organizers/Participants



Professional Visitors

will find our guesthouse an ideal getaway destination for relaxation  and a place to begin a successful visit to Ioannina.

It is located in the historical center of Ioannina, on Psalida Street , a quiet street in close proximity to Pamvotis lake and castle, as well as near the city's commercial district. It is conveniently located for dining and clubbing and perfect for relaxing moments.
The family atmosphere of the Guesthouse and the competitive rates guarantee our repeat visitors an unforgettable stay...

...and we are certain that we will see you on your next visit to our city

It is great to feel like home when you are away on business
















The Matsa Studio Apartments accommodate 4 furnished flats, each one unique, where you can enjoy family warmth and attentive hospitality in exclusively refurbished surroundings that provide both aesthetics and functionality










Traditional Matsa Studio Apartments
Ioannina: Longitude 20°49 '1" - Latitude 39°42 '0" Elevation 483m
Greece  -  Epirus - Ioannina - Historic center of Ioannina
Tel.: +30 26510 22431, +30 6934 891752, +30 6936 440689
Fax:  +30 26510 27008

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